Preparing for your Adventure

One of the key determining factors in the enjoyment of any adventure is how well prepared you are for the conditions you will be experiencing.

It's not enough just to be generally fit and healthy. Some destinations require specific training for unique conditions both in terms of climate and terrain, but also sometimes altitude or extreme differences in temperature or humidity that you may not be used to.

We believe in doing as much as we can to support our clients in the preparation process.

For most destinations we provide group preparation sessions and a specific physical conditioning prescription.

For Kokoda we have designed a unique 'Remote Area Adventure Preparation' program which includes – planning sessions, life style assessment, group preparation walks and a team expedition weekend to prepare you physically, mentally and emotionally for the challenge.

We also provide up to date health fact sheets for all of our destinations so that you know what precautions to take in terms of maintaining good health and avoiding illness risk factors.

Having the right gear is also important so we provide a specific gear list for each of our destinations and you can also enjoy significant discounts at our alliance partner outdoor stores by becoming a Free Spirit Adventures Club member.

All of our clients and their family and friends are invited to attend our regular group bushwalks and other Free Spirit Adventure Club events. Click here for our current Walks Calendar

We can also recommend other support people such as personal trainers, masseurs, physios, podiatrists and naturopaths to assist you in fine tuning your physical well being prior to any of our adventures.

To make it easier for you to leave no stone unturned when preparing for a trip, we provide a step by step checklist to follow for each adventure destination.

Click on the destination of your choice for a Preparation Checklist and other helpful information.